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Eating healthy is an important part of maintaining a happier, more productive group of employees. Healthy employees mean fewer sick days, fewer trips to the doctor and a reduction in health insurance costs.

By choosing Refreshment Center as your partner in food vending, your employees can choose alternative food products, beverages, chips, candy bars and cookies that have reduced levels of fat, cholesterol and sodium a variety of healthy beverages including bottled waters, flavored waters, juices, teas, Vitamin waters, diet sodas and low calorie sports drinks like Propel and G2.



In addition to being a healthy alternative for students, a Refreshment Center vending solution can be healthy for the school budget as well. If you are looking for alternative ways to support sports teams, music programs, etc. there are financial benefits for having vending machines. We offer commissions to schools on a number of products.

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  1. Focus on fiber and protein. Choose cereal bars, granola bars or energy bars with protein and fiber, but be sure to check the nutrition facts. This will help you keep full longer.
  2. Pretzels or baked chips are a great low-fat, low calorie way to satisfy the midday munchies.
  3. Choose fruits, vegetables and salads, prepackaged and ready to eat. They are high in nutrients, crunch, convenient and great tasting.
  4. For a snack that is high in protein and calcium, reach for a carton of low-fat milk or yogurt.
  5. It’s unrealistic to give up sweet treats, if you really enjoy them. Like anything else, eat them “wisely” and in moderation.
  6. Craving cookies? Animal crackers, fig bars, ginger snaps, Pop-Tarts or graham crackers are great tasting lower fat choices.
  7. Go nuts! Choose a package of peanuts, almonds or other favorite nuts for protein and fiber. They come prepackaged.
  8. Don’t confuse thirst with hunger, keep a water bottle handy.
  9. Top off your fuel tank several times a day with snacks. You’ll feel energized and satisfied throughout the day.
  10. Variety, balance and moderation are important when eating snacks.

The Fit Pick program was developed based on the standards set forth by:

  • The American Heart Association
  • The 2005 USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • The Alliance for a Healthier Generation

Our service area includes but not limited to the following areas: Irvine, Santa Ana, Fullerton, Diamond Bar, Rancho Dominguez, Long Beach, Commerce, Compton, Los Angeles, Torrance, Santa Fe Springs and Gardena.